‘Every raindrop counts’ – green infrastructure in action

‘Every Raindrop Counts’ – is an excellent animated video by Lend Lease, leaders in Sustainable Urban regeneration. This should be the way to go for all major urban development schemes. Not just in London but also across the UK.

Every Raindrop Counts – the Video


The Elephant Castle Regeneration Scheme – ‘Every Raindrop Counts’

Working in partnership with Southwark Council, Lend Lease aim to deliver a £1.5 billion regeneration project in Elephant & Castle. Nearly 3,000 new homes will be built along with shops and restaurants. As part of the green infrastructure strategy, the regeneration scheme will include a brand new park.

Building-integrated vegetation is a key feature within the design of Elephant Park

Green infrastructure features include green roofs, rain gardens, and roof gardens for residents.

Good Green Infrastructure Regeneration Schemes Need Good Advisors

Gary Grant of GIC has been advising Lend Lease on their BEN programme (Biodiversity, Environment and Nature) for Elephant Park. The developments seeks to integrate biodiversity enhancements and climate change adaptation into greenspace and building-integrated vegetation plans. Gary has written a biodiversity brief for the landscape architects and is commenting on design documents as they are produced. He also designed the large bee hotel which has been installed on the perimeter hoarding on the Walworth Road.

GIC regularly advise and provide design briefs for developers and local authorities. GIC recently produced a design guidance and brief for a similar neighbourhood in the City of Westminster. GIC also advised Groundwork London on how to climate proof social housing estates in West London. This project retrofitted green infrastructure features into existing housing and also ensures that every raindrop counts.

‘Every Raindrop Counts’ – leads to greener spaces for both wildlife and people

This type of approach to new development is the future. Traditional grey infrastructure processes have often reduced urban spaces to concrete jungles. Delivering high quality new housing and business can actually be significantly enhanced by a green infrastructure approach. The video celebrates this It also celebrates how resilience to climate change, sustainable urban drainage and biodiversity can be delivered in Central London.

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