Green roof consultancy

Scottish Natural Heritage recommended GIC as the lead green roof consultant for this research report. The brief was to provide in-depth technical knowledge on the green roof industry and all green roof types, including:

  • Extensive sedum/biodiverse
  • Semi-intensive/Intensive
  • Biosolar and solar/green
  • Blue roofs

We also shared our knowledge of policy approaches from around the world along with detailed information on the UK green market, with specific reference to London.

The Green Roof study and options appraisals were for research at this stage. The Meadowbank Development is currently subject to a separate live planning application. The submitted application is a Masterplan which does not require roof types to be specified. However, the outline cost plan makes no provision for Green Roofs at this stage.

The purpose of this report was to explore the potential for green roofs within the project, testing the viability and impact of this approach both economically, environmentally and socially.