GI Audits

GIC worked on the first GI Audit in London for the Victoria Business Improvement District, pioneering the technique in the Capital. We devise and undertake audits, looking at existing trees, greenspace, green roofs and green walls.

We are a world leader in the mapping of green roofs and identifying roofs for the potential to be retrofitted with green roofs. We also map locations where new interventions should be prioritised. This usually includes places where surface water flooding is predicted, where the urban heat island is an issue or where there is a deficit of greenspace. Our green infrastructure audits can be used by planners hoping to make the city more permeable to both wildlife and people.

Working with The Temple Group, we undertook green infrastructure audits for the Team London Bridge Business Improvement District. Using datasets provided by authorities and verifying this with fieldwork, we were able to produce comprehensive maps of existing and proposed green infrastructure. These reports have provided the information and encouragement required for several more detailed studies and projects, including rain gardens, pocket parks, living walls and green roofs.